I Am A “C H A M P I O N”

One of the parents at my son’s preschool told me that he worked in film and before I was to email him. I checked out some of his stuff that he’s done and I came across this beautiful piece of RadNesss…the Rise of Jon Jones…this is an amazing documentary on an amazing determined human being that just happens to be a UFC Fighter. He’s words our echoing in my spirit….”I AM A CHAMPION” and I went to this moment when I was a senior in High School and we where about to play one of our rivals in Football and they where a good team and in a higher division then us and we where walking behind our band on the side of them as we where marching into the stadium and they where heckling us hard call us out and talking trash basically and I started to get emotionally and chant basically that was my way…I never talked trash but used it as fuel and always played a game of call in response and when it was getting heated I remember my Head Coach coming up to me and barking at me like I was dog and telling me to stop…


do I bring this up?  I could understand why my coach would want to keep the calm but I wasn’t him and football is an emotional sport …a place where you can let it all out. I never once tried to hurt anyone it was always to give everything I possibly had inside of me on every single play..it was a very simple approach…”GIVE EVERYTHING”

Watching this video on the Rise Of Jon Jones brought out that deep spirit of giving your everything because this is what you have …this is your story. Your journey and your amazing.  The Book Of Rad

1. You’re a Miracle

2. Follow Your RadNess

3. Rad, Wasn’t Built In A Day

Throughout the film Jon Jones referenced different quotes and verses of motivation and spiritual guidance on the journey to being your full potential. I’m looking around my home and I see lil signs and writings..”You Are Amazing”, “Never Ever Ever Give Up”, My Nelson Mandela Posters (2 of them), a Native American Indian on a Horse on top of a Mountain with his arms stretched out…in full illumination of himself..to be that represents a life lived to the fullest where he met his destiny.


Here’s the film link:

Rise Of Jon Jones


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