I Love Montreal…Thank You C2 Montreal and Hatch for the amazing learning experience (ENTREPRENEUR)

TonyDreamingInMontreal I haven’t slowed down since February…My Rad’s Brain Blog has been traveling North America with RadUncle Events across the country and then coming back home to Los Angeles and in full RadDad mode with my 8 & 6 Yr Olds….Its been an amazing chapter and year. Here are some pics from MONTREAL and I gotta tell you I fell in love with the city of Montreal..what a beautiful week in that awesome incredible “BIKE” Friendly city. I spent every night on a bike taking adventures throughout the different areas of the city of Montreal. I was in Montreal for a Conference called C2Montreal….which was amazing and full on with amazing business minds and entrepreneurs from around the world sharing and talking and networking and learning from each other about different things happening in the world of business. I was invited through an amazing group that I’m apart of called The Hatch Network which is based out of the Beautiful State of Montana.


I was honored to come to Montreal and share and bring RadUncle’s SaveTheArts Mission and my workshop (The Every Hat Has A Story) was featured at the C2Montreal Conference and it was really funny because when my event was happening in the mini top ..my main competition that I was competing in the big top was Martha Stewart. I’m looking forward to being in the BIG TOP with RadUncle’s SaveTheArts Mission and getting companies and business people behind “CREATIVITY” for our kids and for communities in whole…the world needs “STORYTELLERS” and I loved the opportunity to share my story in Montreal with an amazing group of people from all over the world. Special thanks to Yarrow Kraner from Hatch (President) and to Will Travis (C2/Hatch) for the invitation and introduction to the C2 and Montreal it self….Beautiful time and one of my great weeks as a Young Entrepreneur with RadUncle.



President Rad

Tony Milano :)))) 13310518_10153632363147551_3103046483739707397_n Dr.North at C2 Mindy Odai YouTube:Google and Stacey Photobombing 13331155_10153632364902551_4362251153537967748_n TheLoveBoatC2Style c4b49c2c-1ff5-4dbb-a23e-5b542177a66b 400X300_WILL TRAVIS 13319942_10154180792569257_7484604902899454194_n C2Montreal 13406977_10153228832389058_6021466926014877216_n

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