It’s raining here in Santa Monica. You can hear Thunder and Lightning. It reminds me of traveling in Indonesian or somewhere in North Brazil, somewhere where I’ve been before but very different than here in the bay city of Los Angeles.
As I write about my journey and my life experience I see how my life is intrinsically connected to everything that I do. The way I talk to the mail carrier, to the way I cook for my kids, to the way that I talk to myself. I’m slowly chipping away at this magnificent piece of art which happens to be myself. Yes, I’m an ongoing living breathing work of art just like you that is reading this right now. You are a miracle to be here and so am I and I realize that being human is really hard at times and almost unbearable in some moments and then complete euphoria and then a lot of calm and then drama again and then a MOUNTAIN of a Wave of life comes and you ride it and you RIDE IT to the best of your ability …all life is …is an ongoing ride and hopefully you have many chapters to this Book called “LIFE”.

As I approach 50 Years on this planet I see that my HEART is my ART. It’s coined my life, this RadHumanology on myself, that I’m a bonafide “HEARTIST.” My Art is my Heart and this process has been stewing, brewing, crooning and soul sculpting since the time I was born. From my first thoughts to almost 50 years later, here I am today with my company RadHUMAN creating “Walking Billboards Of RadNess”, Sharing with kids and communities our SaveTheArts Program and my very personal I LOVE YOU Campaign.

The simple statement of the I LOVE YOU sticker came from many years of living. I’ve been working on living the most authentic way that I can and for me making the I LOVE YOU Statement was the most CONCENTRATED and simple form of expression that I Tony Milano could do for myself and the world…to give my HEART to my Art and make my life my HEART.

I’m doing the best that I can.

By my sharing, spreading, giving away, sending out RadHuman’s I LOVE YOU stickers is my way of giving my heart to the world. It’s my soul espresso, it’s concentrated and it’s pure squeezed heart medicine magic that smiles and seers and cheers and shares and breathes and cares and sees and loves and hears and feels the world and it’s beauty and it’s magic and pain and it’s kindness. This is life. This is love. This is my RadSeed. Every sticker and every image is a seed and each one has it’s unique story just like you and me. There’s one Bank Teller that’s had her I LOVE YOU sticker taped next to her teller window where she can see it as she greets her customers.. They can’t see it but she does. There’s this sticker that my friend Mac put up at Trader Joe’s in the Valley over a year ago in the frozen food section. It’s still humbling there.

To date we’ve given away, sold and put up over 130,000 I LOVE YOU Stickers and they are all over the world. In Africa, Asia, Europe and here in the United States…from Local to Global…I’d love for you to join the RadHuman I Love You Team and help a HEARTIST share his ART with the world.

One I Love You Sticker at a time :))

My Goal with the I Love You Campaign is for us to share LOVE with our World today. It’s a simple statement and the purest and most concentrated one that I know. Let’s spread the Love around the world by giving and sharing the I Love You Message! I Love You RadHUMANS. WeAreOne.

President Rad

Tony – Santa Monica, California