I made this custom one of a kind Rad original for my friend and photographer Joaquin Palting!!!

I made this Custom One Of A Kind For My Friend and Photographer Joaquin Palting!!! My dear friend Joaquin just moved back from living in Miami and New York the last few years and one of the 1st things he asked me was to make him a few of my custom original hats. This is the 1st one! He had me listen to the band M83 and the song I listened to when I created the hat was “Steve McQueen” I listened to it 12 times in a row…It took about an hour to finish his hat. I was scared at 1st because I started with the purple that he requested and it was so strong that it over took everything that I did and I just kept chipping away at the process. I look at the hats as canvasses for me to create amazing pieces of art. Everyone that I do I try to make it super personal and super connected to make it pop!!! I see hats as the Peacocks Feathers and the Rad Hats..really stand out. Here’s a link to how to order a Rad Custom :))))




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