I made this custom rad one of a kind original for Obey The Giant Creator “Shepherd Fairey”

I finished this custom one of a kind rad original yesterday…my fried Ruth is working on a project with Ai Wei and Shepherd Faired and she said that she would give to Shepherd. I’m stoked. Ai Wei and Shepherd are both prolific creators and inspirations for me personally. I’m stoked to give one of my customs to Mr.Obey himself :)) Spending time w my print genius friend Ruth was awesome…awesome in the sense that here’s a person that breathes, sleeps, drinks and constantly shares and talks art and creating….she is a master craftsman/woman…a tremendous worker and extremely passionate about making the best better and the best the best…I asked her about keys to collaborating with these world class artist Jim Dine, Chuck Close, Shepherd Fairey, Kenny Scharf to name a few and her 1st and rapid response was to listen and then work and work obsessively with other great people and artist eat well….they love to cook and eat with the best of them….Thanks Ruth!!!! I hope you like it Shepherd because you helped inspire this hat!!! 10502182_10151983007889058_147316080759607092_n

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