I took my kids to the art museum and…………This is what happened :)

I took my kids and met my best buddy Funn Roberts and his daughter and we went to the Armand Hammer Museum in WLA and had a great visit..there was a wonderful Jim Hodges exhibit called fittingly enough..”Give More Then Take” I’ve seen this exhibit three times over the last several weeks and I’ve got to tell you the first time I went I didn’t care for it..I thought it didn’t have enough substance but now after the 3rd visit. I really got to see the art differently and it was amazing to take the kids and see how they saw it and it made see the art in a different way. I wish when I was a kid my parents would’ve taken us to the art museum. I didn’t know anything about art until I went to College and now its all that I want to do. Is create, share and create more and Jim Hodges has done some amazing pieces…and the one piece that comes to mind is this huge photo of a snowy winter tree ..it must be 12ft high and 5 ft wide and Hodges cut out pieces of the photo about 3/4 of a cut of a leaf..all over the huge photo and from a distance it looks alive and moving…great visual piece & craftsmanship and I got the feeling that Jim Hodges didn’t become an accomplished over night..it took time. Some of his art has a lot of layers to it.


But the piece that really stuck with me was this film series of different unique vignettes done by this Italian Artist Filmmaker Yuri Ancarani and the one short film that really stood out was watching a microscopic surgery and learning how they do such surgery and how they train….this is such unique little film. My kids loved it..it was really neat to talk to them about medicine and see the art and hardwork that it takes to be a Surgeon.

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