Inspire, Engage & Educate

Inspire, Engage & Educate

Often times…I barely touch the surface of this experience. I just get by

The artist the athlete the dad the friend the man the boy the hero the dream

OF this biggest pursuits …..

I have this image of my dad tucking me in at night and telling me how special I was and that god loved me….Those deep memories of my Father sharing and caring and loving me have helped shape me in many ways. One, I believed him. Two, theres something to say about having someone in your corner as a young person and my Father as messed up as he was he was a constant source of inspiration and deep soul love. My Dad was a rock and he always showed up and for that I’m deeply appreciative of my life and that I was lucky to have that Engagement from someone so close to me.

I’m curious about my decisions to be an’s been a smorgasboard of sampling – life’s arts and works and creations…I’ve tried so many different forms of communication and expression. Perhaps that’s been the Education..the doing and the lack of doing and then doing because your spirit want let you but not do. My Father had total projection…YOU ARE SPECIAL..that seed was planted in my deep memory from an early age.

I aspire to do that with my children today and I inspire to engage & educate them on their path …their smorgasboard of all you can experiences that life has to offer. It hasn’t been an easy journey. Being human is being and being is a tumultuous ….

My goal today…my goal tonight…my goal here in my home in Santa Monica, California on this date of March 23rd, 2015 is to INSPIRE, ENGAGE AND EDUCATE.

I want to give back to the smorgasboard…the tumultuous…the brilliant life….the life and all the love and gratitude that I feel for her…and everyone that I meet along the journey.

Amen 🙂il_570xN.211997667

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