Introducing The Book Of Rad Hoodie

The Book of Rad Hoodie is totally rad! The hoodie is beautiful by itself on its own but when you put the Rad Manifesto Poem and the Rad Image on it ….it really shines and it pops bigtime.

It’s a great sweater that will stand up against any hoodie in the world!

You could be in Berlin, Tokyo or San Francisco and people will spot you with this amazing piece!! I had a rad dj just purchase one of these hoodies and he said it was his favorite hoodie in his collection of hoodies that he has….I was stoked to hear this 🙂

The hoodie has some great attributes to it as well. On one of the side hand pockets it has a place to put your phone and run your head phone up the inside of the hoodie…great for walking and talking or chilling and listening to your pandora in the big city park, beach,whatever.


and a side note…..

**I love this piece because the funny thing is it was a mistake in the printing. We where set to do a different design but the printer didn’t think it would work so at the last minute i chose this one and it’s really beautiful & powerful and I’m stoked this came from’s really a great and original piece of yesssnessss…Plus, it has the RadUncle Manifesto on it..and that is pure chaka.


Aloha In Rad We Trust :) Tony

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