Jack London’s Credo On Life….This Is The Way Of The RAD!!!

To burn with passion to live with purpose to be in love with life…I think of shams and rumi…Kerouac on the road…Iggy Pop’s lust for life…Walter Payton walking on his hands across an entire football field…I see Einstein smiling….I can hear Nelson Mandela at the Southern California Coliseum speaking to a sold out house of 90,000 people crying, cheering, listening, hearing, feeling, collectively sharing in the beautiful gift and story of a man that lived his life with integrity, character and purpose. A lot of us and me at times as well live in the hidden prison of perception…may it be how we where brought up or it’s just or personality but one things for sure…that’s right NOW…in this moment and in the essence of what Jack London is saying in his spirited quote….”LIVE….Live your life…and feel…FEEL everything”JackLondonCredo500

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