John Wooden…The difference between winning and succeeding (AMAZING SPIRIT/MAN)

The difference between winning and, what a concept to win to win and then to win and to succeed what’s the difference? The difference is your SOUL and SPIRIT are aligned with your winning. Most of our societies issues are fear based and set around greed, power and corruption. I don’t have enough mantra, I need more mantra.

In this short video of John Wooden talking about the difference between winning and success he brings up many pts but two simple one’s that I took in our old fashion old school but still apply today and I will heed to them :)))imgres-3

1. Be on time..Leave on time (He stressed being on time..ALWAYS) and leaving on time ALWAYS. 2 Hours Boom…You give everything within that framework and you leave it there and you move on to your life (school work, social life, etc) I took it as work, family…etc.

2. Clean up/Be neat..for me, I work mostly at home when I’m not working on a production job/photo industry. So, I keep it pretty simple living by the beach surfers shorts and hoodie when I’m not working………………………I’ve decided to change it up a bit for 2014. 1. I’m going to change it up a bit…I’m going to be a little more social this year, so, I’m going to dress up a bit more and get out into the public eye more. This last year in a half has been like a birthing of a baby. To get the company up (RadUncle) it took a lot of focus and vigilance to show up everyday and it was like a birth and now she/he is growing up steadily and this next chapter is taking RadUncle from walking to learning how to ride a bike and ride it fast so we are going to start to look good and put Gel in our hair and looking sharp.

That’s what I took from some of his pts..that being said for John Wooden in this video from 2001 to break it down the way he does at 90+ years of age in this video….you want to talk about quick wit and intelligence….you tell me how amazing his spirit is…..absolutely incredible and one of his favorite pts and experiences for him was to TEACH and from that he loved shaping people’s lives through his connection with them and seeing his pupils/students/players become successful in life by winning with the key principles of this experience in his words by showing up and doing great things that you believe in as a person and over time developing your skills in your life and applying them to this canvas (life). Life being your canvas and you paint your experience…..

John Wooden..Heropedia with a Heart Stamp that says……IN RAD WE TRUST

RE-EDUCATE THE EDUCATED….you certainly have and did.

FYI…for you non sports fan’s..John Wooden was a high school teacher for many years (All Subjects) before he went on to Coach College Basksteball) where he became the winningest coach in the history of sports at any level.



This is true success a 360….where everyone wins

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