Juice Fast: Day 2 “Give up wanting what other people have. That way your safe.”

Wow, what a day!!!

My Brother and I woke up and had a green juice.

Kale, Green Apples, Ginger, Lemon & Parsley.

Then we went to see Pacific Rim this huge blockbuster over the top summer movie. That being said my senses are beginning to overload a bit. Watching this amazing blockbuster over the top film was super intense and I loved it but after the movie..I dropped big time then we got another juice at a juice place in the mall we where at and then off to the grocery store to get our vegetables and fruit we 971525_10151332604529058_1688152031_nneeded..i got 5, 3lb bags of spinach, cucumbers, green grapes, grapefruit, lemons, ginger. The funny thing was outside of the market we went to there was a pizza and hotdog stand and I got to tell you the smell of the polish sausages smelled so good that it had me salivating with drops of yessness on my tastebuds going feed me feed me but my brother and I have made this pact to do and see it through and it’s so much fun.


I’ve noticed that my sense of smell has started to get really sharp with every grumble of my stomach but the reward is also in the other senses I’m noticing how I look at things a little slower a little longer a little fuller its a sweet feeling because I’m not moving as fast I’m not a snail per say but I’m in a dizzy zone so to speak. I’m sure this will increase over the next several days

I treated myself tonight to a bath with candles and a rumi book of poetry. I felt like I went back 15-20 years to my days in Berkeley. I had a body memory of the candles and the light and the “smell” of the incense burning.

Today was a good day.

One of the lines from one of Rumi’s poems was this

“Give up wanting what other people have. That way your safe.”

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