Juice Fast: Day 3


(We dedicated our 1st juice to our Brother Aaron and Our Dad Big Daddy Marko)


Day 3….has hit like a thundership be careful of what you ask for.

My sense of smell is phenomenal & acute with a specific in mind…FOOD!!!! Omg my nose can smell a block away and what everyone is having for lunch & dinner and my cravings are barbecued meat. My body wants the fat of the animal its so primal and pure in its essence…I Want Meat Like A Caveman!
My brother Michael aka the juiceman is having different cravings every time we talk about food which is every time we see each other its carb city panini this arepa venezuela that to mini pizza cubes in pasta!!!!

Goodtimes…cant say hard we r feeding 3 times a day on amazing juices …the gnaw in the stomach us like a consistent chugging furnace though…THIS ENGINE WANTS FOOD this is its purpose that being said did I mention that my SENSES ….EVERYONE OF THEM is jumping up and down singing and clapping saying HALELUJAH…and its simple because the engine aka the stomach isn’t working overload lime its use to and all of the body which is use to CONSTANTLY filtering the processing of the food is having a back seat so to speak and the body (the ENGINE) is free to feel, hear, see, taste and SMELL. And every sense is unique and has its different benefit,joy and high.

Today I had my kids ..i noticed that i had less physical energy but i had more presence with them and more calmness in away i was able to go a little deeper with them and seat with them and share. Where usually i would dictate, take charge and change the experience with the fasting my energy is slower a deeper processing. So…all the senses are engaged in the present experience…I think this is the gift that the mystics talk about from.the benefits of fasting.

Big Love.. World Peace ..BBQ




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