Juice Fast: Day 5 of 10 Day’s (I might have overworked today) life goes on!

Day 5..is officially over.


I woke up with a ton of energy even after only sleeping about 5 hours top. Now close to midnight and through for the day..I am super tired and looking forward to gift of sleep, comfort and relaxation.

I have to say that it’s really hard to juice and to work at your optimum limit. I had my kids for part of the day and I had two different meetings in between. It was a lot. A friend Tammy asked me why I’m doing the fast and there’s a few reasons.

1. was to get back into my body and feel. I am go go go right now in my life with having my kids half and getting a company of the ground and working it’s a zoom time in my life and I wanted to take a week or two to get a little more grounded and I forgot how amazing juicing/fasting is for your peace of mind.

2. I have been super happy for the most part on the fast..the downside to fasting is how tired you get and for me I need to be able to rest and sit quitely and have the space to feel everything around and inside me and fasting gives you that medicine that gift that experience that very few things give you.

3.  sex, working out, driving super fast, surfing, meditation and now fasting..these all have a ton of power in them and again the gift of the fast is your senses our all working together saying hey man you gotta eat because the engine aka your stomach is talking to you and it’s PRIMAL NOW..WE ARE TALKING ABOUT YOU NEED TO EAT DUDE!!!! So those senses by creation our on FULL ALERT STATUS…our conciously sourcing anyone those senses can to find foooooooood!!!!!

imageHere’s one of the recipes that my brother Mike made for us…we also put some tomatoes in this drink and it’s super good!!!

imageWe have been doing one melon juice a day as well, which has been great! I love fresh melon juice!!! Pears tomorrow as they ripen a bit more !!!

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