Let The Struggle Transform You

Let The Struggle Transform You

All of us in this experience called Life go through the peaks and valleys that life gives all of us. Prince or Pauper, Black, White, Asian, Rich or Poor. All of us have a unique story that is a miracle upon itself and it is your amazing journey and with that comes the good the bad the happy and the sad.

We are miracles being the ones conceived. We competed with over a billion other sperm and you and I and everyone else living has an incredible journey that they have already been through. The hardest actually.

Just to be born. We are seeds and we became trees and like ideas some make it to fruition and become realities and all ideas have roadblocks and they all get smashed and a eaten up somewhere and torn to pieces but like being born we keep showing up and we keep opening up and we use the difficulties that life brings us and we take the pains, the no’s and we go deeper into our ideas….rooting that seed because a RAD TREE…. BARES FRUIT.


In this place we are humbled by life and we share from a deep understanding that everyone is a miracle and that we all come from the greatest place…Life itself.

We Are Alive And Our Greatest Gift Is To Share Our Story With Each Other……Because we are all heroes to be alive.1486774_412132498917386_41789269_n

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