Malala Yousafzai


You’re a 15-year-young school girl, bright, curious. But the Taliban bans girls from school.

What do you do? You stand tall.


You blog for the BBC about the Taliban denying children the right to learn.

You become an uber educational women’s activist, 

You get the truth out.

Desmond Tutu nominates you for “The International Children’s Peace Prize!”

And what do the Taliban do?

They shoot you in the head?!!!!!



Your parents start making funeral arrangements.

But two weeks later, after brain surgeries and breathing tubes, you’re out of the coma and walking. 

1020x875_Hero_Support_MS4_support 1020x875_Hero_Support_MS5_support

You’re 15 years old and you have your entire life in front of you…Oh the places you will go Malala!!!!!


Malala Yousafzai we are proud of you!!!! You are a Living Legend 🙂

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