Monday Morning-RadTips: “Own Your Life or It Will Own YoU”


“Own Your Life or It Will Own YoU”images-18


  1. Educate Yourself (Relentlessly towards knowing your own voice”
  2. Rest…rest your mind and body (to be able to go for your biggest dreams…you will need energy for these amazing pursuits)
  3. Be Physical: Whatever you do…”DO” I recommend dancing, yoga, swimming, hiking and then sports of any kind..I surf, hula hoop, weight lift, I love biking….whatever you do..”DO” Be PHYSICAL….Use your body or it will lose it’s mojo spirit…you gotta move that body!!!
  4. Help Others…after you help yourself…help others…that’s how we build healthy communities and small healthy communities nurture and grow a bigger and better to town, city, state, country and world….Helping Others Is Helping YoU find YOU.
  5. Eat Like A Champ…Your body is an engine and it needs great sustenance to maintain and THRIVE. Learn to EDUCATE yourself about food and nutrition…this is a vital and one of the most important things on your personal journey it’s about re-learning and educating yourself to know what your BODY NEEDS to flourish. A lot of us grow up with not knowing about food and how to eat or cook and take care of ourselves and it takes many years to re-learn how to educate ourselves on this simple basic human need. “You Are What You EAT”
  6. Be Creative…Creativity is life. So be observant…look around NOW and learn to be present more and in the moment because in that present state you will see life and it’s magic and it’s always there for yoU to see you just have to learn to educate yourself to stop and breathe and see the magic and in that magic is the life pulse of life which is “CREATIVITY”
  7. Hobbies….find a hobby or hobbies that make you feel passion and that do something for your community…Help Others through your hobbies.
  8. Own Your Life or It Will Own You

Happy Monday-Have A Great Week!


President Rad 🙂

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