Morning Thoughts w Einstein – Make America Create Again*

Creativity is what we are…we must we have too be creative to be a functioning healthy society. If we don’t create we find ways to communicate the pain of not creating and those manifest in addiction, abuse and an myriad of social emotional issues……IT’S AMAZING that the SMARTEST PEOPLE in Modern History are telling us about the importance of creativity but we as a society are so deeply contracted to our society not being healthy that we keep our people down because it’s better business for people to be unhealthy.

For me one of the great fights/passions will be to look at ways to create a Cultural Renaissance in America using CREATIVITY as the guide to make America Great Again.

I believe like Albert Einstein and many other great educators that creativity at the individual level and creativity at the group level and creativity at the national level is vital component to a healthy and vibrant society.

Make America Create Again….CREATIVITY is the way of the RAD.

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