My 1st Published RadUncle Interview EVER…..”I’m Stoked”

This feels awesome!!! A few weeks ago, a friend of mine Enrico Moses who has a consulting/fashion company called 7 Days Theory asked to interview me about RadUncle. He published it today!!! I’m stoked :)) Here it is!!

Everyone Should Have A Rad Uncle! An [Interview] W/ Rad Uncle Himself


I First Met Rad Uncle while meeting a friend of mine at a local Venice cafe for some breakfast. It was most certain that we were destined to meet. Tony, the Owner and mastermind behind Rad Uncle; sparked up a conversation as we were waiting for our breakfast burritos. This guy had a very special chi about him, it was around 9am and Tony’s energy was obviously not in tuned with the rest of the world at this time. But it was awesome! He started telling us about his new line that was just getting started, I began telling him about my background in the fashion industry… and we connected.

Nobody can explain better about their company than Mr. Rad Uncle himself. We sat down with Tony to get the scoop about his new line and how we can all become a little more RAD.

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Please describe your position at your company/organization/trade

i am the el presidente of RadUncle. I’d say close to 2 years in the making now. But, officially and legally since Feb 2013.

How long have you known you wanted to do what you are currently working on?

I had no idea that I’d being doing what I’m doing…this is a river that I keep on swimming in and it keeps opening up to new places for me to create in. I’m enjoying the platform and from this platform all the different creative hats that I get to wear and do.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

I’m passionate about what I do because I really feel like I make a difference in people’s daily life’s. When I decided to start a lifestyle brand I took it on as if I was creating a church of rad. I really had the intention of creating from my deep principles which our based to Uplift, to Enlighten, to Encourage to Entertain…those our my 4 pillars…The Principles Of Intention…I call them. I am passionate about this and where this river is heading….

How did you overcome your own doubts and the doubts of other people?

I haven’t but the doubting is quieter because I understand it more now that it’s pretty much always there…I am not comfortable yet :))

What were some bumps you hit to get where you’re at now?

I mean..this is joke right. There are so many bumps that the road is smooth. I think starting something really interesting and unique is an absolutely’s the ultimate competition to start a life style clothing brand with absolutely no money and no experience….THIS IS THE CONSTANT B U M P….

What is a way you got your name out there?

I slept with a lot of stylist and celebrities… JK.

Is there anything that almost stopped you from doing this?

Yes…she broke up with me, thankfully.

Is there anyone in your profession that you admire and/or model yourself after?

I don’t like the clothes of Johnny Cupcakes but I appreciate his hustle and salesman qualities. He could sell gum to a gum maker. i admire his hustle…I would call him Johnny Hustle not Cupcake…that dude is a sharp business man with a very unique and niche based VISION. He started small, he’s family helped him, then his friends…and he built from those pillars. I admire him for that. He doesn’t come off as a rich kid that had endless money to burn…he’s a creative person that hustled his strengths and found his purpose through his passion or is it passion through purpose :))))

How do you continue to perfect your craft?

Show Up and…… Uplift, Enlighten, Encourage and Entertain…those our my 4 pillars. I do this and good things happen to RadUncle 🙂

What’s some advice you can share for anyone who wants to pursuit what you are doing?

I suggest that you travel. I suggest that you fall in love and fall in love madly. I suggest that you have children. I suggest that YOU MAKE MISTAKES AND I SUGGEST THAT YOU CREATE OWNERSHIP. I SUGGEST THAT YOU OWN SOMETHING IN THIS LIFE AND YOU CULTIVATE IT AND YOU LEARN TO MAKE IT HEALTHY AND STRONG AND VIBRANT…..u take something and you make it own it, you make it your own, you put your mark on it and you get out of your way… let your mind and other people’s mind’s tell you can’t do something and you keep on showing up…and you do OWN YOUR EXPERIENCE AND YOU DON’T SETTLE FOR ANYTHING ELSE.

How do you envision the future of your product/services?

If I can stay afloat for a few more years and get a few other key people involved in licensing and management. I think RadUncle Inc, could make a strong splash in the world of merchants. I have a lil show men in me. I see the Richard Branson side of me coming out as I increase my leverage and momentum. I see many products and is just the beginning for

You have a dope website. How much of your business is driven by online buyers/clients?

Thank You. I am starting to take a lot of pride (OWNERSHIP) in my website. That feels great. 95% of my buyers are from my website.

Where can people go to find out more about your awesome products/services?

I recommend that people follow what I’m doing on my website blog “Rad’s Brain” something that I’m doing that’s inspiring to me and truly one of a kind is my original one of a kind series. I have people tell me there favorite band or song and I listen to that band or song for the duration that it takes me to make their ONE OF A KIND CUSTOM RAD ORIGINAL :))) I also ask the people to send me there favorite 3 colors and I go from there when I create for them.

What is one thing you did wrong in the past that you can share with people?

Don’t sign anything without having an attorney look it over. I have made that mistake in the past and it haunted me for several years


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