My Art Is My HEART…Happy Thanksgiving RadHuman’s Of The World

Happy Thanksgiving from our RadFamily to Yours!!!

Thanksgiving is a special holiday and celebration for our Family and Friends….bringing us all together to celebrate being HUMAN and being able to live this amazing journey.

As the President of RadHuman…I’m honored to share my life, passion and love for humanity with what we’ve created here at RadHuman.

I’m a he-ART-ist (Heartist) My Life Is My ART and My goal is to be all HEART.

One of the things that we’ve really put in place from last year/s Thanksgiving to this years Thanksgiving is the I Love You Stickers Campaign. We’ve put up and handed out over 32,000 I Love You Stickers in the last year. I’m grateful and thankful to all the love that we’ve got to share, spread and give to the world. A special thanks to RadAmbassadors Susan Andrews and Gidget Granillo for the RadSupport last year and to all the folks that have been RadAMBASSADORS and have spread and shared the I Love You Message.

I’d love to bring the I Love You Campaign to your town or city…Would you consider being a RadAmbassdor and have me comeout and bring the I love You Campaign to your town or city? I’d love to bring my RadHEart and share my ART!

or you can order some Love here and spread the RadNess*



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