My Daughter Amazing Bodhi turns 10 today….I’ve been a Dad for 10 Years

My Daughter Bodhi turns 10 today.

A Decade as a Father, a Parent, a Dad and a Lifetime of knowing that I was part of something magical and special and unique to being alive and that’s the experience of seeing a child grow up…..My Daughter is 10.

My son is 7 and they are beautiful. like all kids.

What I can say about my Daughter is determination, focus, persistence and a huge heart. I get to see this amazing being grow, sprout, flower, rise, develop, shine, expand, express, change, the stages of growth, puberty, new worlds, perspectives, the talks, she loves to travel, her favorite subject is Social Studies….I am the luckiest guy…all I have to do is show up and stay out of the way and keep listening and sharing my magic two cents with their Mom’s magic 2 cents. BODHI YOU’RE A MIRACLEBODHI YOU’RE A MIRACLE BODHI YOU’RE A MIRACLE BODHI  YOU’RE A MIRACLE BODHI YOU’RE A MIRACLE

What I can say about parenting skills and experience is it’s all about showing up and being there and giving her and him the chance to be successful and free from the crap that you had as a kid and try to give them the best of you for them to keep evolving and sharing and being their highest potential.

My Daughter Bodhi & Son Adler have been the biggest gift of my life. There’s not even a question of the magnitude of being a Parent is…and the lifetime of being there for them. This has sometimes been difficult being an artist and entrepreneur but the one amazing and consistent thing in my life over the last 10 years has been my Daughter Bodhi and there is nothing greater then my kids.

I am a lucky man

I love you Bodhi

Thank You for being my Daughter you have been my greatest teacher and Influencer*


U are Daddy’s RadKid :)))))))))


Bodhi and this photo at Adler’s BirthdayFamilyMe, Mom and My Brother 1980I Started RadKids because of you BodhiBodhi was named after the Tree that Buddha sat under to gain enlightenment…Here is to your 1st 10 Years in the world….We are blessed for you are a remarkable being…Love you Bodhi..Love Dad

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