My Kids Love Katy Perry But Dad Loves Her Ex More

My Kids are young. My daughter is starting to sing a lot and it’s the best thing ever to hear your daughter mimicking and creating sounds and learning songs.. I am so in love it’s amazing. Who knows why people break up..there are a lot of us with failed relationships from the time we start dating to the time we get married. Attraction, Timing, Money, Evolution of spirit, People changes.

Why did Russell Brand and Katy Perry not make it? I don’t know. I’m not in the tabloids but how’s this they did make it but only for a short time, that was their journey together.

My kids both of them. I have a 3 yr old son as well. They both sing Katy Perry’s song “Eye Of The Tiger” a few weeks ago we listened to the song 5 times in a row and we sang it with the words from youtube….and I had a blast doing with them and I overheard that Katy Perry and Russell Brand broke up…how does that filter down to me when I don’t read tabloids and I don’t know them and I don’t go out of my way to find this out. It comes with the machine! News travels and it picks up steam in the universe. I’m writing this blog post because a friend of mine had a this video of Russell Brand talking about a revolution. Talking about the 99% of the 1%, Talking about real issues in real life about real people living and breathing in this world.

Russell’s inspired me to write and share this with you because I absolutely think it’s Rad and I love that he is talking to the reporter who reports on politics and is famous in England for being one of the outspoken ones on Government and I love how Russell Brand puts him in a corner so to speak. The reporter is too comfortable, he’s become the politician..he’s comfortable in his place and he shouldn’t be and I respect what Russell Brand says here. When there is rampant disparities amongst our people how can we rest when we have the power to communicate and create real change and prosperity for all people’s. It’s flipping the paradigm and our country in particular is lacking the PEOPLE’S VOICE….Especially when we are considered the leaders, doers of the free world. The world looks up to America and Americans to make the stand for the voice of the people by power by the people. We are called a Democracy but how can we be a “HEALTHY’ Democracy if we only have a 2 party system and sometimes you can’t tell which one is different. The bottom line is Corporations have overtaken the machine (tv, news, media, magazine, newspapers, radio) but those same outlets serve the People..this is a simple blog post but behind it is intention and the attention that I’m giving it is because I care about the world, I care about America, I care about my fellow human and most importantly I care about equally for all human beings and that starts with Government and the Corporations stepping down and the have such a strangle hold that is so deeply rooted and vested in “Big Money” that the machine is gonna do everything it can to keep that machine running.

Consider a drug addict or a severe alcoholic. They both need their fix. The drug addict needs his drug of choice let’s say it’s heroin and the alcoholic needs his Vodka. The machine and it’s constituents are addicted to the power structure that serves it and it’s been serving it for a long time and like all dynasties the change at sometime in their history and some country or war comes along and makes the change we are in a time where change has to happen. It’s a natural by law of life on earth. We are rapidly destroying the planet and radically things will NOT HAPPEN ..we will just keep polluting and destroying our world and the corporations can’t change and the government can’t change as well because they are blind to their ADDICTION and the addiction will lead the path to the least resistance regardless of what is right or wrong. This is not that question this is the reality of what is happening.

Change can’t happen and won’t happen until the shit hits the fan and then we will have some major chaos..So, in the meantime before this happens my belief is to take an individual approach to life and make it RAD because I know and believe that we are miracles to just be here. It takes close to a billion + sperm to get to your mom’s egg and for you to be born makes you a One Of A Kind Being and that is special. Life is a smorgasbord of experiences and it takes time to be your journey, I believe that life is a craft (A Life Craft) and the more patience and deep-rooted support and knowledge that is given to oneself and to others that is where you become your highest potential and to get to that place you have to consistently “Follow Your Radness” and overtime you will become your highest being.

And this is how we begin to make deep change in society, culture and the world. This is the quest of the Rad Soul

Rad, wasn’t built in a day

I’m sharing Russell Brands video because I believe he cares and he is telling his soul truth. I deeply respect that and yes, I do listen to Katy Perry and Sing at the top of my lungs with my kids :)))))) We Love Katy Perry!!!!

Tony/In Rad We Trust

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