My Vision From My Morning Meditation This Morning :)

I love to meditate every morning 10 mins to an hour..I get up before my kids  do and when I don’t have them I really try to celebrate my alone time. Today, when I was meditating at the end of my meditation..I let my thoughts go and i went to this place that I’ve visited a few times in India. I have been to this place called Reishikesh several times and a few hours further up the mountains there is this one little village that has a cafe overlooking the gorge/river/mountain area…the cafe is built into the mountain overlooking the gorge it has rock/dirt floors w an old carpet on it and cushions and they serve hot chai tea in very small glass glasses and today, i remembered the brilliant cold but deep sunlight shimmer that would seep through every pore of your being….sorta like Washington state or Virgin in the deep hill country but different in the aspect that people have been in around this spot for thousands and thousands of years and you can feel that vibration that energy that something that is life.

And that chai tea was so piping hot it would burn your lips and tongue but heat your hands and face and warm your belly. There is something to say about traveling and seeing the world and realizing that you are apart of something so unique and special and absolutely amazing the HUMAN RACE but most of the time we are so stuck in the Car Window Bubble that we don’t get the chance to drop in to the world around us and the gifts that bestow the traveler.

I remember reading years ago something from Joseph Campbell who was one of the greatest religious and anthropology teachers in our modern history and he talked about that if  common people from around the world traveled more and saw more of each others daily life’s that we would have more world happiness and deep understanding.

My thoughts for this morning..enjoy the sun on your face the breeze on your lips and the sounds of your soul that speak to you the most deeply


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