NBA Basketball Player RadPresenting “Be The Change” Baron Davis

I really like this hat and image.


To me it represents the mirror of life.

Which is yourself and the reflections of your life. We filter our experience and this is our journey and everyday, every second is an opportunity to “BE THE CHANGE” of our life, our family, our company, our country….”WE ARE THE CHANGE”


and this hat design is share that vision and experience for everyone that comes into view of this art work. Inspired by Gandhi and made to RADPresent for the Rad People that we are!!!


I made this hat yesterday and gave it to NBA Basketball Player , Movie Producer and soon to be Rad Dad Baron Davis. Baron worked with a dear friend of mine Gus Roxburgh on a film called Bloods and Crips: Made In America and this hat and its colors represent the blood and crips (red and blue) “Be The Change” symbolical that we fight for survival because in our minds that is what we have…we only have the space that is allowed to dream to inspire to grow to truly blossom to the real heights of a persons destiny.

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