No One Is Ever Gonna Love You More Then “I” Do …This song destroys me…E v E RY tiMEeee

u Ever have a love song that tears you up..right when you hear the cords and the singers voice. I’ve had a few but this one is that “one” and it’s been a big one. It doesn’t get easier when you have a great heartbreak or deep loss. Love is the soul stirring thing that we know as magic and the effect and euphoria to explore, share and love someone is such a gift and rarity..that’s why love is a time bomb of rooted shooting stars that arch and ache and tear you to pieces and when a soul song hits you and plays the path that draws out your depth of person….you are forever torn and blessed at the sametime once you realize that you got the chance of a lifetime to LOVE to really LOVE.


and this song in it’s depth and purity…is spirit chaser for me.


Band of Horses Acoustic “no one is ever gonna love you more then i do”

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