Powerful Insight/Prison System/American Cancer

I love this music compilation that the Radio Station NPR does called “Tiny Desk”, They take musicians from all different forms and give that about a 15 Min mini concert in their tiny desk corner and it’s awesome and last night I was in a Jazz mood (Lately a lot) and I was listening to this great jazz combo stretch music by the Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah band and around the 15:40 Mark..the band leader Christian Scott talks about an experience that changed his life and almost ended his life.

It’s very profound, simple and to the point.

*For me it talks a lot about being Human and the complexities and injustices of being Human if you are of a different color, nationality, gender and caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I’m wondering if it did have an effect that one of the officers at the scene was African American. Did it save Christian Scott’s life?

I don’t know.

But, what I do know is that with poverty comes survival and with survival comes crime.

It’s a math equation we take away poverty and then survival (life experience changes) and then crime goes way down; like it is in Holland, Norway, Finland and other countries that focus on SURVIVAL and Quality of life for all it’s people.

But, poverty in the United States is real and it’s a very big business and it serves a lot of businesses and powerful people that make their living on a lot of American’s living in poverty in a survival state.

Our Prison system in America holds up to 26% of the world prison system and America has about 4.8% of the world population. Since the late 1860’s the modern prison system has been in orchestration and what we have today is an epidemic where a part of our culture is eating away at itself and in that process it’s become a CANCER that can’t stop itself.

The prison system serves as a financial institution;

  1. A Prisoner of the state cost a certain amount per year to house between $35,000-$100,000+ in the different states across America
  2. Their several companies and thousands of other companies that make their living off the prison systems contracts
  3. The Money is so good and consistent that it’s become a modern day gold rush that has made billionaires and millionaires all across the country and now huge investors from around the world.
  4. Lobbyist and Politicians work together to keep Prisons alive and functioning like a well oiled machine; The business of poverty in the United States is one of the all time businesses in the history of finance; It’s become a farming system with incredible precision in execution from creating the incubation of the neigbhorhood and that becomes the farm raised prisoner using the broken neighborhood/family structure and adding addiction/drugs to the mix and then because people surviving in these neighborhoods lack money and so they sell to eachother and eat away at the neighborhood and in this process it’s a continous gateway/business for the prisons to prosper.
  5. If we took drugs away as a criminal issue and made it a medical issue which it is
  6. The Math Problem would begin to change and America and it’s prison system would start to look like Holland, Norway and Finland’s of the world.
  7. That’s not going to happen ((yet)) because the “MONEY” is so good and consistent and the CANCER of the addiction to the money is so deeply intertwined and rooted with our Government Institutions and Big Businesses and smaller businesses across the entire country that it’s become an ALBATROSS and in my opinion the Holocaust of the United States of America that has it’s Boa Like grip on the culture and identity of our country.

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