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For every Hat that we sell on our website. We give back a Hat/ “Every Hat Has A Story” Art Program to either the Boys and Girls Club or a Public School.

Public schools across America are cutting off funding for art programs and art is losing its spot in the education curriculum. This is the last thing we should be doing to our society, our kids, and our future. The world needs more art. We at Rad Uncle are advocating for more artistic expression and we want to shed light on this tragedy so we can reverse the cuts and make sure art is reintroduced to everyday life. Exercising our own unique creativity is the lightning rod that inspires, engages and educates us all.

Every Hat Has A Story Program-

The Every Hat Program is a creative painting program where people of all ages create “Walking Billboards Of RadNess” by design, creating, paiting their own hats. It’s really fun and it’s great for all ages

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