“The DJ Made Me Do It”


I love.

I love to dance and I love great DJ’s..to me Dancing and Music is a gift, one of the great gifts that we have to experience and share here on The Rad Planet Earth.

I was inspired by the DJ’s John Digweed , The Polish Ambassador and my dear friend Martin Tickle (DJ Dragonfly)…I love this hat….I’m stoked for you on your journey and what you create when you paint/create and make your own “Walking Billboard Of RadNess”

• Comes with a set of 6 Uchida Fabric Markers to create your own, personal “Walking Billboard of Radness”

• Buy1GiveOne Program

HOW It Works? When you buy a “RadHuman” Hat from our website “WE” together through our “Buy1GiveOne”platform give back our Every Hat Has a Story Experience to our “SaveTheArts” Program where we have kids at Non Profits, Schools and Family Shelters paint their hats where they create “Walking Billboards Of RadNess”

If you have an existing relationship with a non-profit, a school or a shelter we would love to bring the Every Hat Has A Story program to you…please email President Rad @ Tony@RadHuman.net or call the President Rad, Tony Milano Directly at (310)266-8529 & Thank You for sharing and spreading the RadNess with your friends, family and work colleagues.

Have A Rad Day!

President Rad

Tony Milano

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