Church Of Rad-OG Painting Series


A lil Story, when I made this design in the original ManCave . I was actually really disappointed in myself for not creating more…I was finding myself getting bogged down in details with other stuff…oh the other stuff!!!!….have you heard that before :)))) Well…that being said. I got down to my basic self which is creating in any form and this form is a really unique drawing/painting. I tried to make every character in the church of rad and in this space i created “A community for the insanely talented” I look at everyone as amazing creative geniuses that are untapped for the most part from their true creative nature…I think it’s funny how I was feeling bogged down and not in a creative place inside me but with the “work” / “effort” we made a beautiful design that’s fun and very human…..I’m stoked to share it and wear it :)))))))

(A community for the insanely talented)


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