Church Of Rad


This is a strong shirt.

Inside this palace of yessssnesss lives many years of exploration under the sun.

The secret is to Follow Your Radness to Meet your destiny!!!

On the back is the Rad Uncle Manifesto w the Rad Image

This is a strong shirt..full of expression from two different get Bold Simple on the Front w Church Of Rad and on the Back you get a unique electricity from the Rad Uncle Manifesto…

100% Combed Cotton..This shirt is light but strong…you could walk a 100 miles in this shirt and go for some long trip in the desert and take amazing travel pictures with this shirt on…and please send to us :)))) or you could go dancing in the city til 4 in the morning or you could be working like I am right now til 236am in the morning on a monday…somewhere close somewhere Rad

Church Of Rad

“a community for the insanely talented”

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