The”Rad”Human Hoodie


Our 1st “EVER” RadHuman Hoodies and they are World Class in quality.

13.5 Oz of Awesome!!!

They are built to last…these same Hoodies sell for up to $250 in niche stores around the world with other Brands.

We are blessed to have these “Walking Billboards Of RadNess”

We make them every 6 weeks and do a Pre-Sale that is why we are able to offer such a great price on these RadHuman Hoodies.

We make them per-order. It keeps our overhead down and it makes it more personal.

Any questions you can email me at or text me/call me at #310-266-8529 .  Thank You for the RadSupport with RadHUMAN…We Love You..Big Love Cheers

President Rad


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