I Am Not A Crime OG Art



came from a lot of the individuals that where my heroes and most of them seemed to have had problems with conformity to the social norm in society

basically rocking societies boat in the ass

The drawing of the skateboard with the I Am Not A Crime really hit home quickly..i knew it when I did it ..it felt really good..it had that “yes” feeling…simple bold fun and powerful..all in one

I feel artist, skateboarders, musicians, surfers gravitate towards a timelessness…there’s a gravity feeling of weightlessness when you’re in your moment….the complete now…the stoke…..and Skateboarders get it from the craft of countless hours on their board day after day, the same way the surfer nows his body and his board and the perfect balance on how to slow down and speed up on a wave and the artist nows the space between color and surface and the feeling of “it” and I feel from this “balance” makes you dangerous in society because YOU FEEL YOU AND YOU KNOW YOU AND that is DANGEROUS because you know what is real because your INTUTITION…yourself intelligence is alive and no one can take that away from you especially society and it’s door to conformity.


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