Kung Fu Disco Party


Original Art Series

Kung Fu Disco Party is a drawing collage that I gave to my Brother Aaron who lives in Portland now. (The OG Name Is…Chinese Dragon Boy and the original has like 8 different colors popping through it!!)

I love this drawing….It really “POPS”

I did the original in Brasil several years ago on an epic 8 month travel through Brasil where I spent several mornings eating 7 or 8 Papayas to start the day….do you know how good it feels to start the day eating fresh Papayas!!! Chaka!!!!

The grey shirt might be my favorite of all the shirts..fyi

This shirt feels sexy…has that taut feeling..this shirt is different then the red one which is great..this one just feels more like sex

FABRIC: 65% Cotton/35% Polyester

CARE: Wash Cold/Tumble Dry Low

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