My Rad Half


Half print on each side but together …a whole face of Radnessssssss

Makes for My Rad Half!

This shirt feels good and looks good and it’s a one of kind design…you won’t see anyone else with anything like this….it’s the Rad Uncle Image perfectly cut into to two prints.

We where playing with different ways to infuse and introduce the RadUncle image and crafting unique and cool ways to make him pop on the canvas/tshirt …I think the tshirt is a canvas..I look at each design we do as an art piece and that’s how I feel about this. You know most of our designs are bold but this one is a little more subtle even though it’s still bold in its size, it has a mellower intensity to it.

I look at it as one of those shirts/designs that you have 10 years from now and it’s still in your shirt quiver because it’s bold-simple

that’s a great name for a brand “Bold-Simple”



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