RadHuman “Colin Kaepernick – Human Rights Activist”


“I Have To Stand Up For People That Are Oppressed. I Know That I Stood Up For What Is Right”- Colin Kaepernick


What is the role of the activist?

Our deep goal and message at RadHuman is based upon Inspiring, Engaging and Educating. For me as the President of RadHuman…Colin is a RadHuman for making a stand and getting us to really take a look at OPPRESSION in the United States and getting us to talk about the Elephant in the room and not just hush it up and put it aside and create more sandhills to climb. We have a deep moral problem here in the United States with how people of color not just African American but all peoples of colors and differences are not treated fairly and especially our Black Brothers and Sisters of AMERICA.

The time is NOW to look at Oppression and look at the business of our Prison System here in the United States we have over 2 Million Prisoners in Prison. America has 5% of the World Population but we have 25% of The World’s PRISON POPULATION.

Our Prison System that’s in place is a Multi Billion Dollar Industry. 1 in 3 Black Males will serve Prison time in their lifetime. 1 in 21 White Males…That is absurd, it’s a sickness and it’s not patriotic for us as a country to not do something about it.

America the home of the free

As the President of RadHuman.

I support Colin Kaepernick,  I support his rights as an American Citizen and I support our rights to question.

Oppression is real and the business of our Prison System is morally and ethically wrong. Our Ghettos in the United States have been built to create crime ridden communities that serve as feeding ground for the Business of American Prison System.

What Colin is doing as an Athlete in the spotlight is shining a light for all of us to step up and make a stand and create dialogue about what’s happening and what’s been happening for a very long time here in the United States.

Our RadHuman Hats are statements that are dedicated to Inspire, Engage and Educate. For every hat that is sold another hat will go towards RadHuman’s SaveTheArts Mission  Where for every hat that we sell we give back our Art Program “Every Hat Has A Story” to kids that don’t have art..to learn more about RadHuman’s SaveTheArts Mission please watch

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Thank You & Stay Rad My Friends!

President Rad 🙂

Tony Milano

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