RadHuman-Michelle Obama “When They Go Low-We Go High”


When they go low…We go high – Michelle Obama

A special shout out to an amazing 1st lady and an incredible example of RadNess (Humanness, RadMom, RadSoul) I think of all our 1st Ladies that we’ve had in my lifetime and nothing against the other 1st Ladies but Michelle for me stood out in many ways and one of those would be you felt that she was an equal to her Husband and to me that feeling is about love, respect and the beauty of a couple.

I can see Michelle and imagine the amazing life experience of the 8 years of being the 1st Lady and inside that is incredible scrutiny a constant. So, I say this with love and respect…Thank you Mrs.Obama for being a RadHuman and Thank you for being a Beacon in our culture and society. You are loved/WeAreOne/ThankYOU

Celebrating RadHuman beings that have dedicated their lives to the betterment of mankind with their love, work and heart.

• Comes with a set of 5 Uchida Fabric Markers to create your own, personal “Walking Billboard of Radness”

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HOW It Works? When you buy a “RadUncle” Hat from our website “WE” together through our “Buy1GiveOne”platform give back our Every Hat Has a Story Experience to our “SaveTheArts” Program where we have kids at Non Profits, Schools and Family Shelters paint their hats where they create “Walking Billboards Of RadNess”

If you have an existing relationship with a non-profit, a school or a shelter we would love to bring the Every Hat Has A Story program to you…please email President Rad @ Rad@RadUncle.com or call the President Rad, Tony Milano Directly at (310)266-8529 & Thank You for sharing and spreading the RadNess with your friends, family and work colleagues.

Have A Rad Day! And please watch and share RadUncle’s SaveTheArts Documentary https://vimeo.com/164874651

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