What an epic adventure last week.

So epic and full on that 5 days have passed and it’s still in me, around me and apart of me. That is when you know you have something special and intoxicating and that’s what Lightning in a bottle was for me personally. It was a emotional, physical and spiritual journey full of subtle and extreme surprises throughout the 4 day experience.

We created our 1st ever camp and officially called it Rad Camp

and thats what it was it was  a camp full of radness and random rad folks from around the camp area would come in and great piece of melon or a marguerita and enjoy some great conversation and share a lil bit of their story and the Rad Camp was alive, full and feeling!!





Special thanks to Jake Hooper for driving and prepping the Rad Van. Jake gave about 20 full body massages and got the whole camp excited about chilling the fcuk out and creating a sense of peace and deep nourishment.

and Magic Mike aka Mike The Mixer was weaving his deep rotted personal soul fabric with magic potions of knowledge and bohemian antidotes of medicinal wonders. It was truly a uniqued and diverse group of modern pirates and talented gypsy spirits.

We Engaged the Paradigm Where There Was No Ceiling Only Stars As Stepping Stones To Cross Jump and Giggle More With Laughter….There is not a better thing to hear or see then adults lost in the deep pleasures of their happiness..this was soul stuff and Rad Camp was where it was at…Thank U LIB



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