Rad Coach Inspires his players after they lose game (Video)

I just cried.

“Because they like fighters”

The Coach from Rhode Island in the video is talking to his little league baseball team and telling them how he cares about them and how he’s proud of them for playing their best and by playing to their potential as a team that gave them the opportunity to play for the championship and be one of the best teams in the WORLD.

let it sink into you. This coach is RAD..you can feel the years of his master craft and all the years of him coaching

Coaching is a huge key to success. We all need teachers in this life that share their guidance, wisdom and the path and we all need teachers in mentors at every step in our life even when we are successful and older we still need teachers to help us to keep a fine tuning on the next chapters of our life.

I love this Coach and his speech.

Great heart

This is the way of the radcoach-david-belisle-rhode-island-little-league-world-series-speech-after-loss

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