Rad Communities 1st Rad Hike :) Santa Monica Mountains/Murphy’s Ranch

We had our 1st Rad Community Hike today & It was soul sweet. unnamed-3It was great to get out into nature with some Old Friends & New Ones. It was great to be physical and to hike into a some good nature close to the city and be with kids and nature and friends and cleaning up a great place at the sametime. We picked up a lot of trash in a few hours. unnamed-4We filled two large plastic bags and filled 3 other backpacks with broken glass, plastic this and plastic that (a lot of plastic) and a several spray can’s from the graffiti artist. * I have to say that I always thought that graffiti artist where on the up and up but when I go hiking and I see all the trash. I just see the fear of these kids and their moments to beat up on something that can’t fight back thats how I feel when I see all the trash. I’m ok with Graffiti most of the time but if you don’t have a social conscious of picking up your trash, your mess, your art. unnamed-5I’m here to tell you that we just cleaned up after you and we had a great time but it felt I had a younger brother or sibling that I was cleaning up after today. That’s how it felt in a microcosm and then the big stuff was just being with the Rad Community and seeing the “US” together and sharing a great experience. unnamed-1When we took a break to have lunch at the bottom of the basin of the valley of the hike, unnamed-9I remarked to my friend Ram that it felt like we where in Europe and my buddy Gidget remarked we just need wine! unnamed-8And it was soul true..


the weather was crisp fall deep blue skies right after the rain…so the earth was really happy. unnamed-2Today was a great hike and it was great to celebrate the Rad Community by doing something Rad.unnamed-6

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