Rad Community….My thoughts on why it’s important to be Inspired in this life

It’s an abSOULute must to be inspired, engaged and fired up to create change and deep character in this life.

All of “US” need mentors, teachers and Influencers at different chapters of our experience and they come from different people not always the ones that you think. I was read an interesting book called “Reflections On The Art Of Living” and it was about this amazing scholar and teacher named Joseph Campbell it was a book written over 13 years of his talks that he would give at a retreat center in Big Surf called Esalen and Mr. Rad Campbell talked about life giving you constant light post on what direction to follow your destiny…I’ve always loved that and have came back to that many times because when you think about it..this life is a Heroes Journey and we all our Heroes just to get here to this experience and what we do with our life and what we create, share and give back is our history,our story our love and passion for each other and this life itself.


I started a Rad Community and the goal of the community is for it to become a “We” Community to share the big picture stuff with our friends and family. Here is one of the stickers and future Rad shirts that I created…It’s nice to see that Neil Young still has a voice and an opinion about the “Real” shit that is going on right as I type this and you read this. It’s important to understand that “We” as a community are the true shepherds of our country and our world. Religion, Politics/Government & Big Business have major influences on all of “Us” but its important to deeply understand regardless of our religious beliefs, political beliefs and if your locked into big business which almost all of us our unless your completely of the grid. That nature, earth, our planet our home….our kids…our future has to be strongly looked at with regards to companies and partnerships that don’t serve the “Big Picture Stuff” and Monsanto and Starbucks sadly are all about the MONEY & the bottom line is complete blind-SUCCESS. This doesn’t serve “US” and it’s important that we talk about and share this and communicate this. I’d love everyone to come and get “Rad” me/us/we as the Rad Community grows…Rad Seeds become Rad Trees and I personally have gone to Starbucks for many years… I love their branding and the story of where they came from but they have become a cancer and it’s a disease thats crept across America and now the world and not just with Starbucks but with mini branded machine like successful corporations…In a strange way the machine is overtaking nature. RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES…Our Generation…me/u/us/we…. I just ask that we take a step back and slow down and see our patterns, see our habits, see our nature, our earth, our planet our home and see ourselves in the big microscope of this time in history and see our kids see our future……& Be The Change…This is the way of the Rad. If you’d like to get involved or have any ideas on how to spread the Radness. I’d love to talk with you if you have any suggestions please contact me at Rad@RadUncle.com or call me at (310) 266-8529 and or next community event is this Saturday Nov.22nd at Dockweiler State Beach. ((We)) our having a community beach clean up and afterwards having a celebratory bonfire. My rad friend Behn Samareh is manning the fire bringing some of his incredible skills to the Rad Fam and my dear friendGidget Granillo is leading the battle cry for more community involvement outside of big projects, big companies and big non profits. It’s important that we all do good and we serve as individuals and in small groups where all our voices heard and NEEDED. I personally believe that “We” as a society/culture are headed more and more in this direction…..towards smaller tribe/team like communities that are able to nourish the Big Picture that live outside & inside of Religion, Politics and Big Business and blend them together…Where everyone has a voice…The Future Is Now.

WeAre The Change…Stay Rad My Friends

Aloha Ohana-President Rad

Tony 🙂



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