Rad…I Love You Story/Update

Earlier this week…I was on a Photo Production Job and one of the Producers Elizabeth mentioned that she started working at her company about 9 months ago and at her desk on her backdrop/board…there was a random “RadHuman” I Love You Sticker hanging next to her desk area.

The Photo Assistant that I was working with Matthew….I worked with him the week before and the day before this shoot…he gave an I Love You Sticker to a dear friend in Highland Park/Silver Lake..which is all the way across town from El Segundo where we were shooting/filming….The girl that he gave the sticker to had an I Love You Sticker on her computer that she already got from someone else over a year ago….that was #2 Coincidence and then #3 at the end of our day …we where prepping for our last shot and I put my hat down on the table and it was a RadHuman “Elizabeth Warren Hat” and the Video Assistant “James” saw it and made a comment about where did I get this hat and I told him that I made it and he wanted to get one and at the end of our conversation….I told him that I had something for him…and so I gave him 3 RadHuman ” I Love You Stickers” …One for him…2nd one to giveaway and the 3rd to put up somewhere on his next trip wherever he goes in the world…from Local to Global and then I showed him the Sticker and he told me that he’s been seeing these all over Los Angeles and especially in North Hollywood area…That was all in one day ….3 Different random “I LOVE YOU” STORIES…..it’s making a difference/impact. Here are 2 New I Love You Sticker/Collaborations with artist Nick Chun and Sonja Palmer. Please help us spread the RadHuman “I Love You” Message around Los Angeles and the World…Here’s a link to purchase I Love You Stickers and please add us on your Instagram and Facebook at RadHuman.

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