These One Of A Kind Customs…I made these for my friend Melissa Brotz’s & her two daughters Elsa & Hattie. I listened to Maroon 5 for Elsa’s hat & a Dave Mattews live acoustic set for Hattie’s hat. I was friends with their Dad. PUCK THE DUCK BROTZ!!! Puck was a bigger then life soul that you only get so many of these kinda of people in your life. Puck passed away almost 2 years ago after a pick up basketball game ended. I knew Puck through Passion…football…i have met only a few people that had that love for family and life like Puck. It’s an honor to create something special, magical and from my deepest person for your loved ones Elsa & Hattie. LOVE U BROTHER!!!!!!!! BIG SOUL CHAMPION….AROHA!!!!!!!

For Melissa’s hat the Church Of Rad one..I listened to the Kings of Leon’s new album Mechanical Bull…I listened more then 2 times the whole album..it was passionate and deep…Like Melissa Brotz herself…I am so thankful to create and share with all of my heart



Always Tony

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