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Rad Teacher is dedicated to all the RAD TEACHERS in the world. There are so many negative stories happening around us and at the sametime there are soul many rad things happening as well and one of the great things is the RAD TEACHERS that we have in our lives from our communities, cities, towns, schools, work, church, yoga, business. Rad Teachers come in many different sizes and many different ways of teaching and so many different disciplines and practices but one thing remains is that they are TEACH!!! and we all have a RAD TEACHER and some of us have had multiple RAD TEACHERS and I want to hear about them because I want to stoke the fire of the teacher because having a RAD TEACHER is vital to one story.

What is a RadTeacher to YOU?

Who’s one of your Rad Teachers?

One of my Rad Teachers was Gregg Williams. He inspired me with his enthusiasm, his deep curiosity and his passion to give by teaching. He was really alive and turned on to his deep understanding that this is “MY EXPERIENCE” and I’m gonna give it my all and as a kid..I could feel that commitment and that was his rad quest and it affected me to this day when I reflect on how I live my life. How about you? Who’s some of your Rad Teachers?
RadTeacher wBrandMark  Here’s our first design for RadTeacher and the amazing Tammy Davis ..the amazing Rad TEACHER and RAD HUMAN just ordered 6 Rad Teacher Shirts for her staff. Thanks Tammy!! If you want one private message they are not on the website yet. Aloha Rad People

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