Rad Tips by RadUncle Day #1

RadTips by RadUncle

I’ve been tinkering around with different ideas that are important to me..things that make sense and things where I can have an authentic voice and experience to share with the world. Hence, why i paint on the hats. I love the interaction that I’m having and sharing with the world around me.

1st Rad Tip

Follow Your Radness-

Whatever you do find something in life that makes you feel special and something where you make other people feel stoked as well. I call it the 360 Full Circle a circle 8 of connection wherever one is of equality and everyone shares in the experience.

2nd Rad Tip

Rad Someone-

Stoke someone today…because you can.

Say a nice thing to someone, help someone across the street, be of service..find away to give back

3rd Rad Tip before I go to bed…

Sleep…This is one of my weaknesses but it’s one of my big keys to everything…when I sleep well…I’m a champion when I don’t I’m a lesser person then my full potential. Before Food and Exercise is rest…If your not rested you are not instinctually potent with the deep down fire to maintain your optimum focus of intensity. Sleep is the Rad King

My best techniques for sleep are

1. Being physical in the day (my body has to be tired to rest the mind)

2. Hot Bath/Shower before bed

3. Gentle music an hour before bed (Opera, Kora, Indian Flute Music) These examples really focus me and tune me in to myself and give me that active meditative experience that helps me deeply relax my mind to catch up with my body.

4. Be of Gratitude (This can take a lot of focus especially when things are fucked but this is huge having the ability to be grateful for what you have and who you are at this present moment in time and in life) and to always remember you’re a miracle to be here. Remember it took over a billion other sperm to get to your mom’s egg but you did it, I did it, we did it…we made it ..so let’s be grateful for this present moment and sleep like the rad gods that we are…..sweet dreams everyone


Aloha T

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