Rad Tips For A Rad Life


1)    Eat Less…as we get older most of us begin to slowdown and we get fatter, rounder, softer..to counter attack the lethargy that our bodies begin to feel…eat less the body will stay alive and move more and move in different places….less love handles and double chins


2)    Stay light….a little hungry..makes the soul engine burn and want to create


3)    Hydrate often (water)..we are mostly water..alot of times when I’m cranky or my kids spaceshipped to outer space it’s cuz we’re not hydrated or


4)    Sleep…you would be surprised but a lot of people don’t sleep really well. Partly because they don’t treat sleep as holy place for themselves…sleep is god…you sleeping well is the foundation for your strength in all facets of your life


5)    Sweat…sweating is a release for you..it’s like getting a new skin for the day…you sweating is giving yourself a cleanse


6)    Stretch your body…the body needs to open up and get the blood flowing in all the nooks and crannies…..between fingers, your ankles, your jaw….your core central, etc..feel that body people


7)    Sing, Talk, Use Your Voice..ultimately communicate your intelligence and speak from your heart (your truth)


8)    Make Love often…hopefully you have someone in your life that your shagging at a high level and taking advantage of the incredible gift of intimacy..there is nothing like dancing with someone at the highest state of physical connection.


9)    Help Someone often…BUT..help yourself 1st and make sure your strong, happy and nourished then you can consistently “Show Up” and make a deep solid difference because you will be ((ON))


10) Read Inspirational books or magazines….feed your brain about things that make your soul feel motivated and absolutely juiced about life..goal is to turn yourself on the spirit of your life..what turns you on? And I’m not talking about porn here.


11) Watch less tv/movies…your life is the movie you’re the tv show..your the star funk parade so celebrate your miracle…read more, get into nature, cook more, take up a hobby, get into your body and less time on the couch in front of a screen.


12) Meditation is a life long adventure with yourself, a ton of heroes in society over the years where big into mediation. Martin Luther King, Gandhi, John Lennon, Malcom X. Learn to meditate and be able to drop everything and get back to yourself and be less of a sheep in society and have a strong independent voice because you will get to really know U through mediation…this is the hook..the good stuff…the soul juice party of self.


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