Rad Tips #2 “wtf is Alkalinizing? and Why it’s important”

Random Rad Tips That I’ve collected over the journey


Rad Tips From RadUncle #2

((WTF is Alkalinizing and Why is it Important))


1. Why Alkaline your system?


What does that mean oh Grand Chief of Radnesssss :))) Well Kimasabi it means you gotta turn your blood from the acidity state that most of us are in……too an Alkaline state for maxium health benefits.


You see the body is made up of mostly water (75% more or less per person) and the body is  naturally slighty Alkalined and in this state we are healthy, open and alive but what happens over time we eat, drink and live in an acidic state and create a dominoing spiral that leads us into a slow decay.hsAcid-AlkalineFoods


Stress, Sugar, Fried Foods etc..are acidic states of being and Cancer and all diseases/viral infections thrive in this state when the blood in your system changes from it’s slightly Alkalinized state to an Acidic state..this is why people are so tired all the time because there blood is in the TOXIC ZONE….and that’s why we need the extra bumps of RedBull, 4 Cups of Coffee…Coke this coke that.

We all have stress and most of us including myself will drink a RedBull or a RootBeer sometimes and I love a good cup of Coffee…a matter of fact I’m writing this from one of my favorite coffee shops in Los Angeles a place called Neighborhood Grinds in Redondo Beach..They roast their own coffee beans and I’m drinking one right now as I write this RadTip :)))  ( & on the RootBeer tip..I love my’ing w Crushed Ice)


the thing about this Rad Tip is its about a Rad State..a Rad State that we are born with all of us our born w a slightly alkalinized php blood….the body engine ..the baby mercedes was in good shape


Here are some pics and list of foods to put in or put back into your daily Rhythm Rad WAY OF BEING…..Life is unique journey and all of us will have our own experience and one of our basic daily experiences is how we fuel the engine of our body and by consistently showing up and putting ALKALINED FOODS into our system we subtlely put our php back to it’s natural state of freedom

and that’s what the body is when it feels good..it feels alive because it’s happy ..it’s in its natural state of RADNESSSSS






98168783  Alkaline-Foods-for-acid-reflux








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