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Every once in awhile between making clothes, endless smoothies for my kids and catching waves I find little windows to write about the things that I care about and feel can make an impact in society and those are usually at the individual level first and one of those little rad nuggets is health is wealth and health is life and wealth is the real energy. If you feel good about yourself first and foremost you’re a wealthy human. If you feel good about you is the key to true happiness and their our many facets to this but one of them is maintaining your energy and one of the lil magic tricks is Re-Hydration over a sustained period of time. Imagine when you come across an amazing field of slopping mountains and a brook stream and an abundance of flowers and wildlife. There’s a bliss, a comfort in this place and it’s ALIVE and the place is healthy because it’s infrastructure has created a perfect union over a long time and it’s running on all cylinders of maximum energy..this beautiful is place is a reflection of how the body can feel as well. Our bodies our core infrastructure is this amazing life force that has so many variables to it and one of the most important ones is Hydration our bodies our made up of 60% of water. We are livin inside a ocean and our bodies need water. Do you know that most people are not hydrated and that half our people in the western world drink coffee and soft drinks over water consumpation.


So real quick as I bike my kids to school.


1. Drink 2 Glasses of water first thing in morning (Before Coffee or Tea or Food) give yourself at least 5  minutes before you have any food and make this a religious practice try to do this everyday for the rest of your life..this little rad tip will help you with your energy through the day and it will also help you drink more water through the day

2. Before Lunch drink 2 glasses of water at least 5 minutes before your meal…make it a ritual (I Drink Water)

3. Start to replace the coffee or energy drink at 3pm pick me up tea time (2 glasses of water again)


By focusing on drinking water 3 key points in a day. Your energy will begin to shift and you will have more energy it will be subtle but it will make a huge difference in your mood, how you sleep and how you feel…this is the way of the Rad.

Health is wealth…Good Morning To Ya

Rad Tips by RadUncle 🙂



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