Rad Uncle 1st Photo Shoot 30+ Photos From The Shoot!!

RadUncle’s 1st photo shoot was quite an experience.


My friend Brooklin Rosenstock was the photographer. My buddy Shannon Michael Terry was the caterer, Michael Stackhouse was the DJ and I just winged it on all the skills that I’ve learned over the years as Production Assistant, Producer On Set, Art Department basically a Jack Of All Trades. I have to tell you that I had a few moments when I didn’t think anyone was going to show up and suddenly it just all happened and I had to let go of what I thought the shoot was going to be and I let it happen. That being said If I didn’t have the years of experience of what I was doing and having Brooklin and Shannon at the shoot for support. I’m not sure I would’ve been able to pull this off in the 4 hours that we shot…I think we did a RAD A JOB and I’m ready for the next one!!!

Thanks again to Brooklin Rostenstock for his patience and showing up and making Rad things happen for RadUncle…Thanks Brooklin!!!


And a big shout out to Michael Stackhouse for DJ’ing and Modeling for us…it was an honor to have a Super DJ at our 1st shoot…throwing down the summer sun beats that had the neighbors, the neighborhood and the walker by’s bouncing to the deep rhythmic beats!!! Thanks DJ Stackhouse!!

Resized Blue Script Hat.smile w stackhouse

And Shannon Michael Terry Big Love for the food, the soup, the amazing salad, smoothies and snacks…once you where here it was great for me to relax and focus on the shoot and have you do your magic..thank you Brother!!!

RadUncle_0290 (1)

Now the RadUncle Models :)))) The 1st shoot ..you where all awesome!!

Big Thanks To  Callena Shannon…Such a beautiful smile!! Thank U Callena!!!

Resized Custom Hat Callena

Jeffrey Smith..thank u for your energy and big soul happiness and sharing that with everyone that comes into contact with you..thank you Brother!!! I look forward to hearing you play more Rad House Party Piano Rock Out Sessions!!!

resize church of rad jeffrey smith

Hailee Hinds…Hailee thank U for art, creativity and sharing your huge sweet smile!!! Thank U Hailee


Brandon Bobby Booshay…U Soul Diver!!! It was great to see you shining everywhere Brother!!! and You and Jeffrey together at times had me rolling with laughter!!!! Thanks for saying YESSSS and Charging!!!!

Brandon On Bike

Malika Sqalli…Thanks for trooping and go for it and be on the other side of the camera and modeling for RadUncle….Sorry we didn’t have your signature Yellow Ballons on this shoot!!! We will have that experience when you get back from your next travels!!!!

RadUncle Malika

It was a Super Rad shoot and an Amazing 1st Shoot!!!!

These are some of the photos from this experience….In Rad We Trust!!!

RadUncle_0561resized Running Down Bay St…..FunnnnnRadUncle RUnnnnnnning down street RadUncle Hailee PaintingRadUncle Runnnnnnnnnnnnnn w SkateboardResized Jeff, Hailee, Brandon, Callena..RadRadUncle_0266RadUncle_0011RadUncle_0636wpid-IMG_20130823_071347.jpg995133_10152082618146102_422608331_n-1RadUncle_0422Resized Black Script Hat w Custom Design EveResized Group Shot..Real In backResized one nation under w brandonResized On Top Of Car w Brandon,Callena and TonyResized Group Shot….Sitting and Standingresized tank top space ship rocket shipresized Church Tony On BikeResized Group Shot RadUncle Shopping CartRadUncle_0373RadUncle_0218RadUncle_0406Resized Uncle Back of ShirtRadUncle_0343wpid-IMG_20130628_045344.jpg

Always The Sun


Rad, Wasn’t Built In A Day




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