Rad, wasn’t built in a day “Steph Curry Golden State Warriors” Story

You know, I’m a great lover of most things that are passionate and creative & I love ART and to me Sports is an art form.

I love the individual experience, I love great coaching, I love seeing a team gel and play together. I don’t care which sport it is to me sports our a lot like music and I don’t care what the music genre is either….what I care about is the passion, the heart and the feeling that comes from the Music, the Band and that goes with the Sports Team, The Individual Athlete all the way down to the coaching and one of the creative geniuses that I’m in RadNess with is Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. I watched him about 6 years ago when he was playing for a team named Davidson in college and he became David and took on the Goliath’s of the College Basketball world and made everyone drop in amazement by his smoothness and deep, deep focus….With Steph Curry you have someone that believes in his shot..he believes that he will make that shot….that’s a focus thats learned, trained, honed with the natural talent as well…this young amazing athlete is a joy to watch because he has that “IT” factor that any special creative genius has and he has that…Enjoy this mini documentary on him by ESPN from their program E:60


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