We are Looking for Campus Organizations, Sororities and Fraternities all across America to help us SaveTheArts in the United States and become local mentors to kids and help their community that they live in.

Millions of kids across America are growing up without creativity in their lives today.

Creativity is an absolute must for a healthy society to evolve and a vital part in bringing together America today.

How U Can Help

Bring our PartyWithAPurpose experience to your campus and utilize our SaveTheArts-EveryHatHasAStory program.

PDF Link here to view our PartyWithAPurpose:

RadCollege Flyer

What We Need

We are looking for RadCollege partnerships through your Campus Organizations, Sororities and Fraternities to help us bring our SaveTheArts experience to your College town or city.

This is where RadCollege kicks in.

We need U to help RAD with this epidemic in our culture today.  Millions of kids from 1st grade through 12th grade, for the first time in our modern schools, are growing up without creative outlets in their education.

This is a huge problem because kids are growing up without a sense of self and creativity is a proven bridge that educates one’s ability to know themselves.  Creativity builds culture and culture builds community and America today needs CULTURE and we need you to go out into your community and find a school, a non-profit or a community center and help us partner with that school, non-profit or community center.

We’ve created over 23,000 SaveTheArts experiences across America with our PartyWithAPurpose and now, with our RadCollege Partnership, we can help communities all across America that we didn’t have access to.  Let’s Rad America together and bring Creativity back to communities that need our help and also create Mentors through our RadCollege Program.

Contact Us and Let’s SaveTheArts America  

Tony Milano