RadHuman’s -Cold Remedy Recipe

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and When I’m starting to get sick or am sick…this is what I do!!!

I do this before bed or when I’m starting to feel I’m losing my mojo radness. Recipe was sent to me from my friend Aerica Cates out in Hawaii…and this Rad Garlic Treatment WORKS WONDERS!

1. I take two Raw Garlic Cloves (Peeled) and Swallow one at a time w a glass of water

2. Immediately afterwards I drink a squeezed whole lemon, with a half a teaspoon of red cayenned pepper mixed with raw honey or maple syrup

I drink that medicine and WALLA WALLA RAD HEALTH!!!!

Heats up the body and takes on the Cold Monster in the deep chest and throat!!!

Sending RadNess…Big Love Tony :)))

and here’s a POWERFUL article on the power of Garlic!


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